About us

The company was founded by Piermario Timpanari and Alessandro Gherardi.

Piermario can be considered one of the most sophisticated craftsmen and experienced technicians in string sails. He had been in charge of the production department of leading companies and he is holder of important patents in making string sails. He has been a keen sailor and expert sailmaker for more than 20 years and is now in charge of production facilities at Powerplast.

Alessandro is a mechanical engineer, he also received an MSc degree in “Maritime Engineering Science (Yacht and Small Craft Design)” from the University of Southampton. He has developed cutting edge software for aeroelastic calculation now used in the plant. Validation of the software through tests and research in collaboration with several universities has been reported at several international conferences. He is responsible for developing and testing new materials as well as sailing in regattas himself.

Our philosopy

We know really well what our customers know from their everyday experience: taking care over the details is really important. In our production plant every phase has been designed to give to our products the best results in terms of quality, reliability and safety. To ensure this, all Powerplast material is subject to strict quality checks carried out in our plant.

Producing sound material could be considered insufficient by our customers: we strive to meet their expectations. We develop new material as a everyday activity because we think that we need an answer to every future question of one of our customers. We choose to invest in research and innovation, setting new standards to reach.

Meeting all demands

Customization of the products is necessary to meet all the demands of our customers. We provide a wide range of solutions for our customers, helping them to choose the one which is right for them.

Each material, for sails or awnings, is designed according to customer specification, combining at the same time mechanical strength and aesthetic quality.

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