From the strengthened experience in composite material used to make fabrics for durable, reliable and successful sails, born the idea of producing awnings and shades, using the same technology and selecting all the best suppliers and raw materials.
We strongly believe in quality reliability and durability of our fabrics, designed to last for a long time.
Powerplast fabrics for awnings and shade are composed of three different layers:
the outer layer is made of PVC for weather resistance or Mylar film for easy cleaning feature. The inner layer if made of polyester textile for a better appearance. Between those we can insert
different type of fibres, such as polyester, carbon, aramid and UHMPE.
Using such high strength fibres gives a low stretch material with a low weight. Light and durable fabrics significantly reduces the costs for installation and maintenance of structures.

Fibre layout can be designed not only to support the loads but also to give a nice appearance to the shade. Designers or even customers can manipulate the fibre layout to obtain a desired decoration. At Powerplast we care about environment: PVC is recyclable, reducing the amount of material going to waste and promoting our fabric as solar screen we reduce the energetic consumption of buildings, limiting the cost of air conditioning.


Powerplast fabrics can change the concept of solar protection.
We no only give you a sun cover but we also give you the highest freedom to choose any kind of shade shape. Solar radiation, shielded by our awnings and shades, reduces the consumption of energy used by air conditioning.

Main benefits from our fabrics:
Dimension Stability: the excellent mechanical properties of our materials reduces stretches and deformation, moreover we can build very large panel (up to 3.8x14m) decreasing the number of sewing and welding needed.
Flatness: our fabrics have a high resistance to local loads and weathering condition, avoiding the forming of puddles.
Customization: we deliver you our panels in the size requested, without any waste material. It is possible to choose the geometry of fibre layout, designing simple drawings or words as well.
Lightness: high strength fibres gives you a resistant material lighter than regular PVC.

Powerplast fabrics create your shade.



Powerplast fabrics have a structural and decorative function, they can be used as awnings, curtains or building façade

Lightness: compared to traditional materials, our reinforced fabrics can be extremely lightweight thanks to the use of high modulus fibres, reducing the complexity of frames.
Safeness: fabrics are flexible and can bend without any damage. This is an added value for the safety of buildings especially in seismic area.
Comfort: Powerplast fabrics can be employed as ventilated façade. Thanks to them it is easier to control the natural light transmission through windows and even noise pollution can be reduced.


Curtains: right interior lighting is essential to reach the adequate comfort inside your home, for this reason we give you the possibility to choose among a wide range of different fabrics’ layers to tune the light transmission.
Ceiling: lightness and strength are really important in this application, giving a flat aspect to the ceiling. Customization of ceiling decoration gives new life to your room.

Dress up your space with Powerplast fabrics.


Powerled is a technology designed and patented by Powerplast. We want to give more than a simple fabric to our customers so we thought about how to bring light inside a textile. Our philosophy is based on two simple concepts: integration and aesthetics. Thanks to our control of production
system, we succeeded in inserting LED strips into our fabrics. Powerled fabrics avoids the negative visual aspect given by added external light source not in harmony with supporting structure or fabric design.
Quality: our LED stripes are supplied by European producers using the best raw materials.
Maintenance: LED stripes can be replaced.
Low Footprint: thanks to LED technology it is possible to switch on your awning or shade having a low energy consumption.

Powerled technology. Switch on the ambience.

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